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Trevor Keels

NBA New York Knicks GUARD

  • Player AGE: BORN: 2003-08-26
  • Player Height: 1.96 or 6.4 ft
  • Player Weight: 100 kg or 220.5 lbs

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Trevor Keels Basketball Shoes

Trevor Keels: A Rising Star in College Basketball


Trevor Keels, a 6’4″ shooting guard, made a significant impact during his college basketball career with the Duke Blue Devils from 2021 to 2022. Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, Keels attended Christiana School before becoming a highly sought-after recruit in the 2021 class.

College Career

– Keels committed to play college basketball for Duke, showcasing his dedication to the sport and his desire to compete at the highest level.
– As a freshman, Keels displayed his skills on the court, averaging 11.5 points, 3.4 rebounds, 1.7 assists, and 1.1 steals per game.
– His exceptional performance earned him a spot on the ACC All-Freshman Team, solidifying his status as a rising star in college basketball.

NBA Draft Selection
– Keels decided to declare for the 2022 NBA Draft, demonstrating his confidence in his abilities and readiness to take on the professional stage.
– The New York Knicks recognized Keels’ potential and selected him with the 43rd overall pick, providing him with an opportunity to showcase his talents in the NBA.

Playing Style and Strengths
– Keels is a versatile wing player known for his athleticism and shooting prowess, making him a threat on both ends of the court.
– His defensive skills allow him to guard multiple positions effectively, showcasing his ability to contribute to a team’s defensive strategy.
– Keels’ athleticism enables him to soar above the rim, making him an exciting player to watch.
– His shooting ability is a valuable asset, as he can confidently shoot from various spots on the court.

Career Highlights

– ACC All-Freshman Team (2022)

Potential and Future Outlook
– Trevor Keels possesses immense talent and potential, making him a promising young player in the NBA.
– As a versatile wing, he has the potential to become a solid contributor to any team he joins.
– With continued development and experience, Keels has the opportunity to evolve into a valuable player in the league.

– Athleticism: Keels’ impressive athleticism allows him to excel in various aspects of the game, including his leaping ability.
– Shooting: Keels’ shooting skills are commendable, as he consistently demonstrates accuracy from all areas of the court.
– Defense: Keels’ defensive capabilities are noteworthy, as he can effectively guard multiple positions.
– Versatility: Keels’ versatility enables him to adapt to different roles and play multiple positions on the court.

– Ball-handling: Keels occasionally struggles with turnovers, indicating a need for improvement in his ball-handling skills.
– Experience: As a young player, Keels lacks experience at the highest level, which may require some adjustment as he transitions to the NBA.

In conclusion, Trevor Keels is a highly talented young player with a promising future in the NBA. His versatility as a wing player, combined with his exceptional athleticism and shooting ability, make him a valuable asset to any team. With continued development and experience, Keels has the potential to become a significant contributor in the league.

Which basketball shoes Trevor Keels wore?

Based on our research, Trevor Keels has been stepping onto the hardwood in sneakers that have caught the attention of fans, such as: Nike Kobe IV Protro

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Trevor Keels basketball shoes: Nike Kobe IV Protro – The Nike Kobe IV Protro is a sleek and lightweight basketball shoe that offers excellent traction and support on the court. With its low-cut design and responsive cushioning, it allows players like Trevor Keels to make quick cuts and explosive moves with ease, while also providing stability and lockdown for maximum performance.

What shoes does Trevor Keels wear?

Trevor Keels wears Nike Kobe IV Protro,

Does Trevor Keels have a signature shoes?

No, Trevor Keels doesn't have a signature shoes yet.

Where to buy Trevor Keels shoes?

You can buy Trevor Keels shoes in Nike, Walmart, Eastbay, Amazon, Adidas, Ebay, Footlocker, and many other places.

How much do Trevor Keels shoes cost?

Trevor Keels's sneakers start at $67 and end at $241. But there may be exceptions, as the price is constantly changing and new models come out.

What size is Trevor Keels shoes?

We don't know for sure, but we will try to find out and write about it

Does Trevor Keels have his own brand?

No, Trevor Keels doesn't have his own brand of sneakers as far as we know.

What brand is Trevor Keels with?

At various times, Trevor Keels wore sneakers by Adidas, Under, Armor, Li-Ning, Peak, Jordan, Nike, and other lesser-known brands.