Jordan Poole shoes

Jordan Poole

NBA Golden State Warriors Shooting Guard

  • Player AGE: 22 y.o.
  • Player Height: 6 feet 4 inches
  • Player Weight: 194 lbs

Jordan Poole Best Shoes Right Now

Why best? The Nike Kobe 6 is the perfect sneaker for anyone who wants to feel like a true basketball icon, just like Jordan Poole did when he scored 43 points while wearing them and cemented his place in basketball history.

Jordan Poole Basketball Shoes

Sneaker Files: Jordan Poole’s Signature Game

This story tells the tale of how a first-team All-Wisconsin selection went from the G-League to the NBA finals with an impressive sneaker record. Jordan Poole, with his electrifying playing style and unique fashion sense, has given a new dimension to the world of basketball sneakers.

From Milwaukee to the Golden State

Born on June 19, 1999, Jordan Poole is a professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors. Poole honed his skills at Rufus King High School and La Lumiere School before playing college basketball for the Michigan Wolverines. Despite his initial stint in the G-League, Poole led the NBA in free throw percentage during the 2021-22 season and helped the Warriors clinch the NBA championship.

Poole’s impressive career stats include an average of 15.8 points, 2.6 rebounds, and 3.4 assists per game as of the 2022-23 season. His free throw percentage stands at a commendable 87.8%.

The Sneaker Odyssey of Jordan Poole

A rising star in the NBA, Poole is also noted for his choices in basketball sneakers. While he doesn’t yet have a signature shoe, he’s frequently seen sporting a variety of basketball sneakers on the court.

1. Nike’s Ensemble

Over the years, he has donned several Nike models such as the Nike Kobe 6, Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut 2, Nike Kobe XI Low, Nike Kobe 5 Protro, and the Nike Zoom Freak 1. Each of these shoes echo Poole’s playing style that stresses agility and precision.

2. Under Armour’s Finest

Moving beyond Nike, Poole has also been spotted wearing Under Armour Curry 9 – a high-performance shoe designed for guards that offers a cushioned midsole and a responsive UA Flow cushioning system.

3. Special Edition Shoes

Alongside regular models, Poole also has a flair for special editions. In the 2022 NBA playoffs, he sported a special edition pair of Nike Kobe 6 Protro, a commemorative release marking Kobe Bryant’s rookie season’s 20th anniversary.

The Under Armour Deal

In 2021, Poole inked a multi-year endorsement deal with Under Armour, making him an ambassador for Under Armour shoes and apparel, both on and off the court. Although the deal’s exact terms remain undisclosed, it is believed to be worth several million dollars. This contract positions Poole alongside basketball greats like Stephen Curry, Joel Embiid, and Giannis Antetokounmpo, further elevating his rising star status.

The Birth of the Jordan Poole 1

2023 witnessed the release of the Jordan Poole 1 – a shoe inspired by Poole’s personal life and career. The striking orange and blue color scheme symbolizes his Milwaukee roots and his allegiance to the Golden State Warriors. The shoe’s design is peppered with details that mirror Poole’s playing style.

Under Armour has also released special edition shoes that pay tribute to Poole’s career. One such pair commemorates Poole’s selection to the NBA All-Rookie Second Team, sporting a unique color scheme inspired by his college career at Michigan.

Jordan Poole’s Sneaker Timeline

Season Sneaker Model
2019-2020 Nike Kobe 6 Protro
2020-2021 Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut 2
2021-2022 Under Armour Curry 9
2022-2023 Jordan Poole 1

The journey of Jordan Poole is marked by electrifying games and remarkable sneakers. Whether it’s Nike’s collection or Under Armour’s lineup, Poole’s sneaker story is just as fascinating as his career. From high-performance shoes to the Jordan Poole 1, each sneaker embodies Poole’s unique flair and versatility.

Sneaker enthusiasts, keep an eye on Poole’s shoe game. There’s much more to come!

Jordan Poole Sneaker Performance Summary

  • Most points per game: 43 in Nike Kobe 6
  • Most rebounds per game: 9 in Nike Kobe XI Low
  • Most assists per game: 12 in Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut 2
  • Most steals per game: 4 in Nike Kobe XI Low
  • Most blocks per game: 2 in Nike Kobe XI Low

What shoes does Jordan Poole wear?

Jordan Poole wears Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut 2, Nike Kobe XI Low, Nike Kobe 6, Nike PG 5, Nike Kobe V, Nike Kobe IV Protro, Nike Zoom Freak 1,

Does Jordan Poole have a signature shoes?

No, Jordan Poole doesn't have a signature shoes yet.

Where to buy Jordan Poole shoes?

You can buy Jordan Poole shoes in Eastbay, Amazon, Nike, Ebay, Adidas, Footlocker, Walmart, and many other places.

How much do Jordan Poole shoes cost?

Jordan Poole's sneakers start at $61 and end at $299. But there may be exceptions, as the price is constantly changing and new models come out.

What size is Jordan Poole shoes?

We don't know for sure, but we will try to find out and write about it

Does Jordan Poole have his own brand?

No, Jordan Poole doesn't have his own brand of sneakers as far as we know.

What brand is Jordan Poole with?

At various times, Jordan Poole wore sneakers by Nike, Peak, Jordan, Armor, Li-Ning, Under, Adidas, and other lesser-known brands.